Can I try "KDP Uploader" for free?

Absolutely! All the features of the KDP Uploader Chrome Extension are available on a free plan for your evaluation. No credit card is required.

Do you support MAC OS?

Yes, you can use KDP Uploader on Chrome browser on Apple operating system.

How can I pay?

We accept payments using credit card. Your payments are processed securely by Stripe. You will be charged right after you subscribe to a paid plan and then every month or year. You can also use PayPal.

What if I decide to cancel a payment plan?

If you no longer want to use KDP Uploader, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your unsubscription takes effect immediately

The following error message appears when I upload my books « Creation_limit_breach »?

The « creation_limit_breach » message comes from Amazon KDP platforme. It indicates that you reach the number of books a user can submit for publishing at the same time, or within a specific timeframe.

I have some trouble to upload my mansucripts and covers in the tool?

This issue is most probably due to the file name you put in the excel sheet. You missed to put the complete file name with its extension. For example "my_manuscript_file_name .pdf" Furthermore there is no need to put the path where the file is located in your local computer.

How can I get my text description to be formatted (bold, underline, bullet point, ...)?

You have to use HTML tags in the spreadsheet.
For instance:
<h4> My book title</h4><br>
==>The result will be as following:

My book title